How was it? (CSC490 Capstone Blog 5)

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

For this week, my group conducted remote usability tests using our low fidelity prototype. I was responsible for assisting in the note taking process during the test sessions. After all the test sessions were completed, I wrote a quick draft of the usability report, (e.g. summarizing the procedure and results), for my team to build upon. Did users find our prototype intuitive? Were they able to complete the tasks easily? What went wrong???

We are still currently working on the usability report and project design document. During our meetings, I contributed suggestions towards the project design document, and also helped to finalize design changes based on the usability feedback from the test sessions. I think the main problem we currently face is creating and delegating reasonable sized technical tasks in a logical manner that fits well into our time constraints.



UofT CS + CCIT 2021

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